Jewelry Industry Summit

The Open Forum on Sustainability & Responsible Sourcing in the Jewelry Industry

The Open Forum on Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing in the Jewelry Industry


-Request for Speakers (RFS)-

The 3rd Annual Jewelry Industry Summit (JIS) is coming up March 9-10, 2018.

Because of your valuable knowledge and expertise, we’re sending you this invitation to make a presentation so our attendees can benefit from your knowledge.  

At the Summit each year, members of the jewelry industry come together to participate in active learning, engage in critical discussions, and hear from outstanding presenters with expertise and experience in responsible and sustainable business practices.  What you might not realize is that there’s mutual benefit from your participation – increasing professional visibility, showcasing your talent, networking and collaborating with other professionals, and more. In 2018, 200+ Summit attendees will be inspired by a roster of outstanding speakers - one of them could be you.  

 Please take a moment to explore this Request for Speaker document and consider submitting a proposal to benefit from a win-win proposition. Submit a proposal today!


The Jewelry Industry Summit (JIS) is a platform to advance the responsible jewelry movement through uniting each part of the industry to collaborate on its ethical journey.  The upcoming Summit is an opportunity for members of the jewelry industry to connect, collaborate, and generate plans for effecting meaningful change through their existing strengths, resources, and networks.

The goal of the third Summit is not only to highlight progress on initiatives developed at the first two summits but also to learn about tools and resources that could lead to greater success for those interested in responsible practices. Through a blend of storytelling, learning labs, fireside chats and creative reflection activities, participants will exchange best practices, educate one another on initiatives and implementation tools and resources, and continue to build momentum.

The Summit Planning Group is seeking speakers to provide information on those tools, resources and actions that will continue to lead to the advance sustainable business practices and responsible sourcing.  The focus of the Summit will be on solutions, successes and lessons learned. 

Topic areas we are seeking include, but are not limited to:

●      Application of tools and assessments that support responsible business practices

●      Case studies and success stories

●      Innovative solutions

●      How social media can support sustainability and responsibility

●      How to ensure your entire supply chain is integral, legit and fair

●      What retailers do to ensure their business and products are sustainable

●      What practical equipment might be recommended to further responsible sourcing?

●      Why you decided to be certified by RJC and how the process worked for you.

●      The ROI on your investment in sustainable and responsible practices

To deliver exceptional learning experiences, preference will be given to proposals that provide a mix of practical tools and resources, stories demonstrating application, and feasible steps for people to begin or advance their efforts.


Presentations should be of value to jewelry industry members working to advance sustainable and responsible business practices.  We have a variety of formats that will be employed at the Summit - choose the one that suits your presentation best:

1.     Express Talks - (20 minutes) TED-style presentation that explores a single idea with practical tips through storytelling. This can include how the idea came about and why it is important with suggestions for implementation. The idea should have the potential to make a big difference to the industry. The concept or idea could be from another industry and applied to jewelry.  Single presenter only.

2.     Learning Labs - (75 minutes) A practical and interactive presentation highlighting a tool or resource that participants can apply in their business, community or organization to support sustainable business practices or responsible sourcing. One to three presenters. 

3.     Fireside Chat - An informal conversation where you are interviewed by a prepared third party in front of the audience. The Summit planners may partner you with one or two other people for your conversation.





1.     Please submit proposals by completing this form.

2.     Please send completed application to

3.     The primary point of contact (POC) is the person submitting the proposal. The Planning Group will communicate with the POC for all communications including notifications and deadlines. The POC is responsible for sharing information as needed with co-presenters.

4.     All accepted presenters must adhere to published deadlines.

5.     All Presenters and Co-Presenters must register for the Summit.



●      Application Submission Deadline: December 15, 2017

●      Approval and Invitation to Present: January 10, 2017

●      Presentation and Materials Due: February 16, 2018

●      Summit Dates: March 9-10, 2018


QUESTIONS? Please contact:

Maggie Gabos
(+1) 412-735-0513





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