Jewelry Industry Summit

The Open Forum on Sustainability & Responsible Sourcing in the Jewelry Industry

The Open Forum on Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing in the Jewelry Industry

Resources - Other Industries 

This document is prepared by the Research Subcommittee to provide links to selected documents of interest to the subject of responsible sourcing of gems and jewelry.  These concern examples of legal requirements, voluntary standards, association and company practices, and steps taken by other industries, outside the gem and jewelry sector.  This document is not intended to be exhaustive or the official view of any particular individual or company, but rather a background review document that can help educate Summit attendees about some of the underlying issues and steps taken to address them in other sectors, since these issues do not pertain exclusively to gems and jewelry. Where links may not be self-explanatory, clarifying parentheticals have been added.   

The Research Subcommittee welcomes comments or suggestions.   


Examples of Legal Requirements Regarding Trade in Other Products or Overall Responsible Sourcing Issues


U.S. (Federal and State)





Examples of Regulatory or Industry Systems Encouraging Reporting


Examples of Voluntary Standards or Trading Mechanisms Adopted to Address Sectoral Issues



Conflict Minerals 

Labor Standards

Fire Safety (textiles)

Privacy (IT)


Examples of Industry Certification Systems


Examples of Company-Specific Approaches to Conduct and Sourcing


Examples of Tools to Address Responsible Business Issues