Jewelry Industry Summit

The Open Forum on Sustainability & Responsible Sourcing in the Jewelry Industry

The Open Forum on Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing in the Jewelry Industry


The Steward Team formed at the recommendation of  Cheri Torres and Mike Feinson, facilitators of the inaugural Jewelry Industry Summit (March 2016). The current Steward Team members represent a variety of jewelry industry stakeholders. 

  • Jeff Bilgore - AGTA / Jeffrey Bilgore LLC
  • Jennifer Gandia, Greenwich St. Jewelers
  • Cecilia Gardner, JVC
  • Cleo Zancope Gnatek, Jane Taylor Jewelry - current meeting leader
  • Doug Hucker, AGTA - current secretary
  • Fred Knobloch, Aron Knobloch Inc. 
  • Lisa Koenigsberg, Initiatives in Art and Culture
  • Christina Miller, Christina Tatiana Miller Consulting - contact for initiatives outreach and website
  • Richard Nehls, LA Rocks
  • Mike Pace, Connected Jewelry
  • Kevin Reilly, Platinum Guild 
  • Sam Shiroff, Signet
  • Barbara Wheat, Gemalytics LLC / Natural Colored Diamond Association - contact for general information and communications

Steward Team Background

Purpose and Structure: 

The purpose of the Steward Team is to uphold the vision agreed to at the Jewelry Industry Summit, to inspire industry involvement and further participation, and build a supporting framework to progress and maintain the momentum of the initiatives that were defined at the Summit.

This will be accomplished in two ways.

  • Channeling resources effectively from the industry to the initiatives. These are not so much financial resources as a currency of information, learning, best practice and advice obtained by identifying and tapping into organizations and networks inside and outside the jewelry industry. This knowledge will be used to help guide and make the responsible sourcing initiatives more successful.

    The Steward Team will also promote beneficial links between the initiatives and the industry at large and act as a focal point of information for organizations which are interested in finding ways to contribute to sustainable initiatives in jewelry.
  • Communicating progress of the initiatives to the industry. The Steward Team will serve as the voice of the initiatives to the rest of the industry in close collaboration with several of the initiatives convened to develop specific communication platforms for sharing industry progress on responsible sourcing. This will include ongoing Summits that will provide the initiatives from the summit and related initiatives with the opportunity to showcase their activity as well facilitating their access to industry support.

The Steward Team also agreed on the governance and meeting structure, which includes a round table structure with rotating meeting leaders, a standing secretary and a communications point person. A sub-committee of the Steward Team, the Summit Planning Committee, was created to develop the agenda and organize logistics for a second summit in 2017.

Support structure for Initiatives: 

Each member of the team will act as an Initiative Liaison and will be responsible helping to identify resources that can support the Initiative in reaching its vision and feeding information about the progress of the initiative back to the Steward Team. This will then be communicated to the industry through a regular information briefing, demonstrating how the initiatives are moving forward as a whole.

The Steward Team will publish a list of who on the Steward Team will be liaising with each of the Initiatives. The liaisons are working with representatives of each Initiative to help advance each group’s vision.  

All of the 2016 Initiatives:

1 -  Jewelry Sustainability App

2 - Sales associate and consumer education

3 - Education at all levels, from students to professionals

4 - The Summit Forum (reporting)

5 - Consumer Research

6 - Project Megaphone

7 - Bahia Gold Mine Marketing – As a pilot / model.

8 - Standards Harmonization and Coordination

9 - Traceability

10 - Supply Chain Due Diligence

11 - Eliminating Silicosis