Jewelry Industry Summit

The Open Forum on Sustainability & Responsible Sourcing in the Jewelry Industry

The Open Forum on Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing in the Jewelry Industry

Welcome to the Open Forum on Sustainability & Responsible Sourcing in the Jewelry Industry

Our goal is to create awareness of current and future sustainability challenges in the jewelry industry and enable the community to develop strategies, initiatives, and tools to address these - ultimately promoting responsible sourcing and improving the sustainability of the entire industry.

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The first Jewelry Industry Summit was held in March of 2016 at the Fashion Institute of New York, and the second Summit was held in January of 2017 at The Tucson Convention Center in Arizona.  Subscribe to our e-mail list below to find out more about the next Jewelry Industry Summit and similar events happening this year! 

The Jewelry Industry Summit is a platform to embolden and advance the responsible jewelry movement through uniting each part of the industry to collaborate on our ethical journey forward.

Each Summit is an opportunity for those in the industry to connect, collaborate, and generate plans of action for affecting meaningful change through their existing strengths, resources, and networks. Through the practice of Appreciative Inquiry, the Jewelry Industry Summit invites all in the trade to share their perspectives, experiences, and ideas for a better way. This inclusive and engaging model creates an opportunity for participants to take steps to improve responsibility and ethics in the creation of jewelry, no matter where they fall in the supply chain or what stage their business is at.

 As we step boldly into our third year, we invite you to join us and share in the ambitious, knowledgeable, and dedicated community that has begun to form through the Summit. Everyone can be a part of this movement. Contact us at to find out how you can get started making your impact a positive one today.

Our ongoing goals are to:

  • Generate broad-based awareness of facts related to the jewelry industry supply chain and responsible sourcing, and explore what works and what does not.
  • Learn about and review progress on current industry-wide initiatives and developments related to sustainable business practices and responsible sourcing.  
  • Develop shared visions for key stages of the jewelry industry supply chain that support the broader industry vision for sustainable business and responsible sourcing.      
  • Design prototypes of tools and strategies that enable businesses in the supply chain to make progress through continuous improvement.


Though a number of jewelry industry responsible sourcing programs exist, there's never been an industry-wide consensus on what constitutes a vision that ALL stakeholders can support. Through organized participatory Summits and active year-round work by dedicated volunteers, the Summit strives to encourage and facilitate meaningful, solution driven activities that continue to advance sustainability and responsible sourcing in the jewelry industry. 

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